Network-1 Technologies, Inc.

Management Team

Corey M. Horowitz Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Corey M. Horowitz became our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer in December 2003. Mr. Horowitz has also served as Chairman of our Board of Directors since January 1996 and has been a member of our Board of Directors since April 1994.

Jonathan M. Greene Executive Vice President

Jonathan Greene rejoined Network-1 in 2013 and was appointed Executive Vice President. Prior to coming back full-time, Mr. Greene was a marketing consultant for more than a decade. His clients, in addition to providing marketing and technology analysis for Network-1, included Falconstor, Neartek, Kavado and Avatier. From December 2001 through December 2002, he served as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of Network-1, at a time when the company was engaged in the development, marketing and licensing of security software. Earlier in his career, Mr. Greene held senior level marketing positions with Panacya, System Management Arts (SMARTS), Computer Associates, Cheyenne Software and Data General.

David C. Kahn, CPA Chief Financial Officer

David C. Kahn, CPA, became our Chief Financial Officer in January 2004 and our Secretary in August 2012. Mr. Kahn was elected to our Board in April 2012. Since December 1989, Mr. Kahn has provided accounting and tax services on a consulting basis to private and public companies. From August 2000 until August 2012, Mr. Kahn served as a full-time faculty member of Yeshiva University in New York.